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Thank you very much for the professional work!

- Belgian physiotherapist

Thank you for the good care and professionalism!

- Belgian architect

Thank you for a job well done! Really good to see the quick and positive result of this. The client is, as you've seen, really happy and is looking forward to compete in the upcoming procurement.

- Swedish lawyer

Thank you and your colleagues for this great achievement! It was great experience working with you!

- Swedish company

Thank you for taking such good care of this matter and handling it perfectly! I too have very much enjoyed working with you, always very clear in your advice. When I need a lawyer again (hopefully not too soon) I will definitely come to you.

- Belgian private person

I am enormously grateful to you for your advice, guidance and, above all, trust!

- Belgian truck cleaning company

Thank you for your fast and accurate work. A corrective notice will be published shortly that will remove the obligation of results. Your work has therefore been fruitful. 

- Belgian engineering and consultancy firm

Thank you again for your support, patience and always calm and wise advice. It was a pleasure to work with you!

- Dutch architects

Thank you for your continued commitment and willingness to bring this case to a succesful conclusion. We will certainly not fail to recommend you and your firm!

- Belgian private person

I insist on thanking you both personally (and on behalf of the group) for the wonderful job you have done over the last few weeks. The calmness and professionalism that you radiate together with the correct approach to colleagues and to the other party deserves our enormous admiration. Well done both of you!

- Belgian transport company

I would like to thank you again for the pleasant cooperation and all the work you have done. We would never have been able to arrange this ourselves and are very relieved that hopefully, the matter can finally be resolved. If we still need help in the future, we will definitely contact you. 

- Belgian private person

Thank you for drawing up the draft of appeal, processing our comments and submitting the document. We would also like to thank you for familiarising us with the problem and the grounds for refusal within the short timeframe we were given. The cooperation went very smoothly.

- Belgian construction company

You are a very good lawyer! Thank you for the clear explanation of the environmental information. I wish you good luck in your further career! I will certainly recommend you to friends and/or acquaintances."

- Belgian private person

We would really like to thank you for giving us your professional and upholstered advice on such short notice. We are aware that the case is quite voluminous and that a thorough review in such a short period of time is by no means evident. Thank you again for your correct and professional service."

- Belgian consultancy and design office

Thank you for your expertise in this matter. Regardless of what happens next, I am convinced that I have chosen the right partner. 

- Belgian insurance broker

Both privately and professionally I have called on the services of Caluwaerts Uytterhoeven several times.  This in various fields, including cases abroad. The cooperation, willingness to listen, feedback and solution-oriented advice is always clear.

- Belgian real estate manager

I would like to thank you and your outstanding team for your advice and your extremely professional approach during this engagement. 

- Irish medical company

Whenever you appealed to our vision/expertise for this file, it was always very well prepared. It was clearly stated to which we had to respond so it did not take much time. Moreover, this is not a daily concern for us and therefore not always logically structures. This was the first time that we have been guided in a file in such a smooth and nice way. Thank you for this.

- Belgian architects

A positive ending, we are very happy about that! I would like to thank everyone for the professionalism and commitment with which this case was approached and dealt with.

- Belgian architects

I would like to thank you for the incredible path we have taken together. I never expected it to end so positively. 

- Belgian private person

The professionalism and efficiency in which you have dealt with the case is top notch. In the rollercoaster of emotions during the case, a conversation with one of you was always reassuring. Thank you for the work you delivered.

- Belgian private person

Decency, determination, legal knowledge of spatial planning and architectural projects. Thank you for the excellent support.

- Belgian architects

The tenacity with which Caluwaerts Uytterhoeven sought to clarify and substantiate matters objectively, legally and in detail, amazed me and I greatly appreciated working together with them.

- Belgian architects

We thank you for the swift and professional completion.

- Belgian accountancy firm

I would also like to thank you for making a very difficult trip much easier. We are most grateful for your fine representation.

- American investment company

Caluwaerts Uytterhoeven is specialized in the dispute matter. The problem was considered in all aspects and a pragmatic solution was sought.

- Belgian private person

Swift first appointment and clear follow-up.

- Belgian private person

Thank you for the delivered work and the substantiated views.

- Belgian architects

Experience in the specific matter is an outstanding strength of Caluwaerts Uytterhoeven.

- Belgian educational institution

Thank you for the defence and perseverance.

- Belgian engineer - architect

We have worked on several contentious matters together over the years. Each one has found you to be very smart, craft, responsive, caring, cost effective and a delight to work with.

- American attorney

Notable efforts and activity carried out by the office.

- Spanish attorney

Highly specialised assistance.

- Belgian private person

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