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Kristiaan Caluwaerts

Kristiaan Caluwaerts and Kristof Uytterhoeven are the founding partners of the firm, which they established in 2001.

Kristiaan Caluwaerts was admitted to the Antwerp bar and the Dutch-speaking bar in Brussels in 1993. He mainly specialises in corporate and business law.

Kristiaan Caluwaerts read law at the University of Antwerp, graduating in 1993. Due to his strong interest in the specific fields of corporate and business law, Kristiaan Caluwaerts went on to obtain a “Master in Business Law” from the University of Antwerp and a “Master in Company Law” from the Catholic University of Brussels.

Kristiaan Caluwaerts focuses on corporate law in particular, including mergers and acquisitions (M&A), corporate housekeeping and dispute resolution. He also specialises in corporate insolvency law, commercial contracts and distribution law. In addition, Kristiaan Caluwaerts has extensive experience in real estate transactions and real estate projects.

His experience in these fields is very diverse and includes conducting negotiations, due diligence, assistance with mediation and arbitration and litigation before various courts as well as providing advice. He works for a wide-ranging professional and commercial clientele that includes SMEs and large and multinational companies.

Kristiaan Caluwaerts has extensive experience in M&A, both in terms of legal due diligence, as well as share deals and asset deals. Over the past few years he has been involved as a legal adviser in various national and international deals with a combined value of 250 million euros. Kristiaan Caluwaerts handles 6 to 7 major restructuring cases a year and has experience working as a liquidator at the request of the shareholders. Depending on the nature of the case, he puts together a team of lawyers with the right competencies.

In view of Mr. Caluwaerts' special interest in insolvency law, he decided to follow a post-graduate degree as curator - liquidator in 2020. Since June 2021, he has been included on the list of trustees for the Antwerp Court, Department Antwerp.

At international level, Kristiaan Caluwaerts is a member of the Executive Committee of LawExchange International. He is used to dealing with international clients, cross-border procedures and legal opinions. Kristiaan Caluwaerts has also been Chairman of the organization since April 2022. 

In line with his professional activities, Kristiaan Caluwaerts also lectures on corporate law, regularly giving seminars and training on matters of company and insolvency law. Aside from his work, Kristiaan Caluwaerts is very committed to local associations and clubs. Among other things, he served as the president of the Berchem-based business association Link 26.



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